Medifast Log: 30 Days and Counting (Down)

One month ago, I joined my wife on the Medifast plan. This is just a short progress report to say that, as of 8:40am this morning, I have lost 16 pounds in the first month.
Weight loss graph for July 2008It has been easier than I thought it would be, and I’m very happy that my wife found the plan. So far, she has suffered now ill side effects, which is a big thing, because in the past, whenever we’ve tried a diet, she’s had to abandon it for one reason or another (more than once because it was “tough”).
Although I have recently gone “off plan” a couple of times, by eating slightly too much “lean” or “green” (poultry, fish, or an extra serving of broccoli), my weight loss continues on a steady curve. Still, the hardest thing is making it through the late afternoon hunger pangs to dinner time, but thankfully, that is getting easier.
I’ve also observed that I have a tendancy to wolf down my food when I eat at the computer, so I am trying to stop that altogether so that I can take my time, enjoy my food and manage my portions.

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