Medifast – 2 months, ~25 pounds

Medifast progress: 20080814
Medifast progress: 20080814

Two months ago, I started on the Medifast plan. I was 208# then, and I’ve been as low as 183.4# a couple of days ago. Weight fluctuates, so I’m up a bit today, but I’ve lost nearly 25 pounds in two months. It doesn’t sound quite as impressive as when I lost 18 pounds in the first month, but I knew that the rate would slow as I got nearer to my goal, so I’m not worried.
Today was the first time that people commented, unprompted, at how I was losing weight. The were folks whom I hadn’t seen in over a month, so they had the “old me” (read “fat me”) in mind and could really see the difference. Also, today I wore a pair of dress pants which I hadn’t worn in well over a year because I outgrew them – something which really bothered me at the time, because my wife picked them out with me after a time when I had gained weight. So basically, I couldn’t fit into my “fat pants.” That did not feel good, but wearing them today sure did.
Now I need to replace the four new pairs of jeans I bought back in May. Maybe I can take them in…

SANSFire 2008 – Audit 507, Day 1

My first day of classes here at SANSFire 2008, where I’m taking their Audit 507 course, is going well. Not having any formal audit training, but still knowing something of the basics (so I thought, anyway), I decide to take the 500-level course as opposed to the intro to auditing. So far, I am happy with this choice, as the first day, which is supposed to get everyone from different auditing backgrounds on the same page with terminology and goals, is not strange to me.
The hotel is nice, and the staff are helpful. However, in order to prepare my Medifast meals I need to use a microwave oven down in the food court area, which is somewhat inconvenient – especially since 3 out of 5 meals a day require heat.
My room’s pretty good too, except there is no refrigerator in it! I’m compensating by maintaining a bucket of ice at all times. Also, the safe is in a drawer which didn’t want to fully open until I really worked to pry it, fortunately without breaking anything.
Allegedly tomorrow’s class, focusing on firewalls and Cisco routers, is the most technical day, and the ones that most folks complain about. Sounds like fun! (no, really!)