Medifast – Steady as She Goes

I’ve been sticking with the Medifast plan since June 13. As of today, I’m down about seven pounds. It’s been surprisingly easy, and the toughest part has been the hour just before dinner, when I’ve been very hungry and concerned that there wouldn’t be enough food to satisfy me. Fortunately, this is not the case, and I have not once gone to bed hungry.
I’ve been mixing the vanilla and chocolate shakes right into my morning coffee, so I really don’t miss cream and sugar. I also noticed yesterday that I’d been putting too much water into the soups, which was making them thin. Although the portions are smaller now, they are creamier and taste much better. Surprisingly, they are still filling.
On two or three occasions, I have eaten more than I was supposed to. I had an extra pickle once or twice, and a little extra salad. Last night, I combined partial portions of tofu and shrimp for my main course. The online calculator said that 5 oz. of tofu and 4 oz. of shrimp was too little. So I added 1 oz. of shrimp and ate it. It said that was too high. The darn thing is fickle. Regardless, I’m still down another pound as of this morning, so who cares?
It still amazes me that I’m getting by with fewer than 1,000 and 100g of carbohydrates every day. I do feel a little less energetic than normal, but not significantly so. Also, I have been sleeping better. So far, it’s all positive, except for the direction in which the scale is moving!

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