Fiber Coming to East Central Vermont

From today’s Bethel, Vermont Town Meeting Warning:

Article 23. Be it resolved, shall the Town of Bethel enter into an Interlocal Contract with other municipalities, under Title 24 of the Vermont Statues Annotated Section 4901, for the purpose of establishing a universal, open-access, financially self-sustaining broadband communications system to provide communications services, including high-speed internet, telephone and cable television, to the residents, businesses and institutions of these towns?

And the Select Board said that they doubted they could get the warning on the ballot.

You Are Too Stupid to Be My Client

Listen here to this audio clip. I’ll pretty much let this one speak for itself. And when they call back and ask why we’re not doing under-paying, overly-involved, administratively-heavy service calls for them anymore, I’ll just direct them here.