What Do You Want for Christmas?

It\’s that time of year again, and I figured I\’d save everyone who is thinking about getting me a present the trouble. No, not the trouble of getting me a gift. Of course I want gifts! No, I will save you the trouble of thinking of what to get me, you silly person!
Here are some great suggestions that I’m sure I would like:

  • A case for my iPod (30GB, black) which allows me to still sync it, but not worry about it being scratched.
  • A gift certificate to Borders or Amazon.com.
  • DVDs (widescreen editions always):
    • Superman Returns
    • Superman II (the Richard Donner Cut)
    • X-Men 3: The Last Stand
  • Books:
  • An iPod dock of some sort that includes speakers.
  • A ViewSonic Viewdock Monitor.
  • A MacBook, MacBook Pro, or Mac Pro. Hey, if you don’t ask…
  • Jox Sox! These are great athletic socks which let my smelly, sweaty feet breathe! I have several pairs of the ped size, but could use some larger ones for use with
  • Slippers.

Okay, scratch the slippers.