Fair Point Story Du Jour

I have a client with a T1 line in Rutland, Vermont. At the moment, the line is down (which should not surprise anyone, as this is the 5th time in as many months that we’ve had down T’s in the area).
I called Fair Point to log a ticket, and spoke with “Trisha,” who said, once I gave her the circuit ID, “I’ve been on vacation for three weeks – let’s see if I remember how to do anything.” Wow. Way to give me that warm, fuzzy feeling.

iPhone 3Gs Update

I called my local AT&T store and explained the issue I was having with the battery life. The rep I spoke with said she really didn’t know anything about iPhones, but that I had 30 days in which to return mine. After chatting with someone else she suggested I call Apple and see if they could help me, because they couldn’t do much for me at the AT&T store. So I thanked her and dialed 1-800-My-iPhone. Continue reading “iPhone 3Gs Update”

Why I Love my iPhone 3Gs, and Why I'm Returning It

Last week I got an iPhone 3Gs. It took a little getting used to, but as time went on, I liked it more and more. I rarely had a chance to use it as a phone, but I used it regularly in my office on WiFi to get email and surf the web. Today was the first real test I had to use it on the road, on AT&T’s network. Today is also the day I decided to return my iPhone to the AT&T store where I got it. Continue reading “Why I Love my iPhone 3Gs, and Why I'm Returning It”