FairPoint Now Following Me on Twitter

Following in the foosteps of Comcast and their Twitter account, MyFairPoint is now following me on Twitter. Perhaps this customer service move will help them provide better response times and problem resolutions. Sadly, given my past experiences with Fair Point, most of which I’ve documented here, I’m not terribly optimistic.
However, I encourage anyone who is having problems with FairPoint, whatever the service, to contact them and see if you get a better response than the traditional channels.

McConnell Taping

This weekend, after starting a new round of physical therapy for my knee, I experimented with McConnell Taping to see if it could keep my patella in place. I’d tried something like this before, and was pretty skeptical.
To my surprise, the technique not only moved my kneecap into a more proper location, the tape actually held through hours of hot, sweaty aikido practice, including kneeling and suwariwaza techniques. I definitely will be using this technique in the future.

Shobu Aikido Vermont Summer Gasshukku with William Gleason Sensei

This weekend I had the pleasure of training with William (Bill) Gleason Sensei, who taught several classes at our dojo in Woodstock, Vermont. Gleason Sensei has been incorporating more techniques to develop internal control and power into his teachings, which is still new to me, and very interesting. I am looking forward to more of this training in the near future.

Don't Throw That Old Coffee Away, Freeze It and Make Coffee Cubes!

Do you like iced coffee? I do. And one thing I hate is watery coffee. Here’s a great way around that. Have some extra coffee left over in the pot after you’ve had your morning fix? Don’t toss it – freeze it! Just pour it into your ice cube tray and you get coffee ice cubes! They keep more of that great coffee flavor in your iced coffee. Enjoy!