Medifast Transition

So, I’ve been “transitioning” back to “normal” food over the last few weeks. The web site has been automatically adjusting my recommended daily intake of food for me, gradually dropping me down the number of Medifast meals (shakes, soups, and bars) and reintroducing extra vegetables, fruits, dairy, and grains.
So far, my body’s not liking the dairy part, but I just remembered that I never ate much dairy prior to the diet anyway! So I’m going to be cutting back on that, or maybe replacing the yogurt with soy milk or something. I’m looking forward to having more bread back in my diet. I tell ya, sandwiches just haven’t been the same without it. Seriously though, I could really go for a burrito right now. Eggs, salsa, a little sour cream, a little cheese, and a whole wheat wrap. Oh, and a half cup of Tabasco. What more could I ask for to start the day?
In other news, HOLY MOLEY! I can eat potatoes again!
“Control, control! You must learn control!” — Yoda