Yesterday I received this email:

You have earned the GIAC Systems and Network Auditor (GSNA) certification.
You can take pride in your efforts, and in the fact that you have joined the ranks of a select group of professionals, who have demonstrated expertise in the information security field.
Your certification will be posted to the GIAC website within the next few days.

Needless to say, I’m psyched. I learned a lot at the SANS training, and also while reviewing the materials on my own. In hindsight, I probably studied more than I really needed to, but I lost all momentum back in August during the initial phase of my separation/divorce. Fortunately, I was able to recover and make up the lost ground. I got just over a 95 on the test, which I completed in under two hours (despite having the test server freeze on me and not accept any input for 5 minutes – annoying, but again, I recovered).
Now I have to decide how to proceed with this cert under my belt with respect to offering to current and prospective clients.
And then, I need to start preparing for SANS SEC401, which I’ll be taking in just a few weeks at the SANS Cyber Defense Initiative in Washington!

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