The "Peter Diet?" No, it's the Slow Carb Diet

Recently, likely thanks to my weekly Saturday Binge Day posts on Facebook, several of my friends have been saying “I want to know more about that diet,” and also “I’m doing the same diet you are” or “my friend is doing the same diet you are.” My response? Yes/no.
Yes, you want to know more about it. No, you and your friends are not doing the same diet I am.
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I Try to Get Out, But They Keep Pulling Me Back In!

While my weight doesn’t appear to have moved outside the range that it was in while I was actively on the Slow Carb Diet. However, I seem to have less energy these last several days that I’ve been eating more freely, so I’m considering doing it again.
Wonderful. I’m feeling about as flip-floppy as a politician during election season.

Slow Carb Diet – Round Two

After some consideration, and a week off, I’ve decided to try the Slow Carb Diet once again. Attending a couple of parties this weekend gave me inspiration on highly caloric foods that I may be able to binge on without making myself sick. My week off appears to have had next to no effect, ill or otherwise, on my weight, fat, or BMI, which is simultaneously heartening and disheartening.

Slow Carb Diet – Throwing In the Towel

After three weeks of my attempts at the Slow Carb Diet, I’m bagging it and throwing in the towel, or the napkin, as the case may be. Given that I have made no noticeable progress, I think I’m going to move on to just changing my exercise routine for a while instead.
I think there were a couple of reasons it did not work for me. First, I am already pretty close to my ideal body weight, even though I think my body fat percentage is still too high. Second, while the regular diet during the week was not hard, and was actually kind of fun, I had trouble with the weekly binge day. After years of training myself not to eat too much, that part was just too difficult to stomach (no pun intended). So other than pounding a pint of maple syrup every Saturday, I think wouldn’t be able to get my calorie intake where it was supposed to be.
If you have a lot of weight to lose, I recommend giving it a shot, and would be curious to hear if it works for you.

Slow Carb Diet – Week 3 (For Real This Time)

Slow Carb Diet - 3 Week ProgressI totally got my weeks mixed up. Here’s a quick snapshot of my “progress” on the Slow Carb diet. Unfortunately, the results are not nearly as impressive as I’d hoped. In fact, given the numbers, there’s really no progress to speak of! My upper body definitely feels tighter, so that’s good, but I was hoping to see my body fat % and BMI drop at least a little by now. Adding the kettlebell swing every other day (I’m up to 40 reps now, after starting at 20) is also causing some development. I’ll have to sit down with a tape and measure myself again to see if there’s any noticeable changes there. If, after a couple more weeks of slow carbing and kettlebelling, I don’t see a change, I will probably move on to something else.

Slow Carb Diet – Week 3. Backsliding.

Today, my vital statistics (weight, fat % and BMI) are awfully darn close to where they were after the first few days of the diet. Not a very heartening way to wind up an overall lousy-to-mediocre week. I suspect that a few stumbles along the way are contributing to this.

  1. I drank bubble apple cider last Wednesday night. It was a special occasion and it didn’t even occur to me that I was doing wrong ’til after the first glass was gone.
  2. I’ve been drinking coffee with half and half. As of today, I’m limiting myself to two tablespoons of cream for an entire day’s supply of coffee, regardless of how many cups that may be.
  3. I’ve caught myself snacking a few times. This means I’m not eating enough at my regular meals.

I’ve also started working out with a kettlebell three times a week. It will be interesting to see how this affects progress along the way.