Slow Carb Diet – Week 3 (For Real This Time)

Slow Carb Diet - 3 Week ProgressI totally got my weeks mixed up. Here’s a quick snapshot of my “progress” on the Slow Carb diet. Unfortunately, the results are not nearly as impressive as I’d hoped. In fact, given the numbers, there’s really no progress to speak of! My upper body definitely feels tighter, so that’s good, but I was hoping to see my body fat % and BMI drop at least a little by now. Adding the kettlebell swing every other day (I’m up to 40 reps now, after starting at 20) is also causing some development. I’ll have to sit down with a tape and measure myself again to see if there’s any noticeable changes there. If, after a couple more weeks of slow carbing and kettlebelling, I don’t see a change, I will probably move on to something else.

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