Slow Carb Diet – Week Two

Yesterday I weighed in at 169.6#. My body fat percentage and BMI continue to drop slightly, but are still not greatly changed.
Today is my second “binge day” on the diet, and it’s harder than I thought it would be. One might think that starting your day with pumpkin pie cheesecake, following it up with a slew of leftovers (that I was not allowed to eat) from last night’s dinner, and a maple breve would be pure heaven after days of restriction. However, this is not the case. Unfortunately it would seem I’ve (successfully) conditioned myself to not want to eat like this, or crave these flavors as much as I thought I would. In other words, stuffing myself silly to trigger the required calorie spike was tough. Also, the foods that easily contribute to these calorie spikes (sweets, alcohol, etc.) often give me headaches when I over do them. I suppose there are worse problems than being sensitive to junk food.
Also, I’m feeling a little more tone in my upper body, despite a decrease in exercise from my normal routine while on vacation and since my return.

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