Slow-Carb Diet, Week Two^H^H^HOne

Stepping off the plane from Brazil last week, I weighed in at 176# (79.8kg) and a few centos. I dropped most of those pounds within a few days, bolstering my theory that it was water weight. I’ve been sticking to the slow-carb diet since then, and am now down to 169.8# (77kg) as of this morning.
This diet includes red meat, something I have avoided for most of the past twenty years. I’ve been stuffing myself with things that haven’t crossed my lips in years, including bacon and roast beef, and don’t seem to be suffering any ill effects. I got hungry only once, outside of the normal routine, and when that happened, I just ate another meal. Result? I weighed in the next day at my lowest since October.
The basic ingredients that I’m using are are protein (beef, bacon, fish, poultry), legumes (beans), and vegetables (spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots). I’m attempting to skip cream or half and half in my coffee altogether, as milk triggers an insulin spike and retards weight loss. That’s taking some getting used to.
Oh, and Saturday is my day off. Not only does the diet recommend a “day off,” where you are allowed to eat anything you want, it is required to have a binge and a massive calorie spike. Anything goes. Drink a keg, eat a case of Snickers bars, two pepperoni pizzas, etc. Taking into account things like food allergies, that’s a new, and frankly, sometimes difficult, experience for me. After years of training to eat less and slowly, binging is tough!

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