I'm Back In the Land of Snow, With a New Diet!

Winding up ten weeks in Brazil, I returned home two days ago to a load of snow, and a few revelations. First off, I managed to come back and only put on about 5 or 6 pounds while being away. Given that my daily diet included numerous helpings of p?o de queijo, (a Brazilian cheese bread which is absolutely delicious), lots of sweets, and cream and sugar in my coffee (in the form of “leite condensado,” condensed milk with sugar added), and a lot of grains and potatoes, I think I came through it pretty well. My clothes still fit (albeit, a teensy bit snugly), and I’m still cold (so I don’t have that much insulation on me).
Unfortunately I do not recall my BMI or body fat percentage from before leaving. It is possible I put on a little muscle, but most likely this is fat. I’ve decided to try a new diet as a result, and see if I can use it to build some muscle mass.
Partly because of my trip, partly because of the new diet, and partly because I am questioning my commitment to things which may not be providing a return on my investment, I am eating red meats again. This happened to me for about six months after my Japan trip in 2002 as well. I don’t know how long it will stick this time. It probably will depend on the success of the diet.
On the business front, I’m quite pleased to report that nothing upon my return made me want to immediately tear my hair out! Apparently I did enough hair-taring while I was abroad that further sessions are not presently required.
On the food and business fronts combined, I have a lot of new ideas for the menu at Breaking Grounds. This will be fun.

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