iPhone 3Gs Update

I called my local AT&T store and explained the issue I was having with the battery life. The rep I spoke with said she really didn’t know anything about iPhones, but that I had 30 days in which to return mine. After chatting with someone else she suggested I call Apple and see if they could help me, because they couldn’t do much for me at the AT&T store. So I thanked her and dialed 1-800-My-iPhone.
After a few minutes on hold, I was connected to a rep. I explained the issues I was having, and he said they would arrange to ship a box to me so they could do a repair on the iPhone. While he did not sound shocked at the battery problem.
They asked that I do a complete system wipe and restore (which I had started hours ago) and use the phone again for 24 hours to see if it was a software issue. I agreed to try this out.
31 minutes later, I’m off the phone with a newly-wiped and restored iPhone. I wonder if the $0.99 I paid for an SSH client is down the drain, or if that will migrate over. Oh well, back to stress testing the iPhone (which is to say, doing some lightweight email and web surfing with it…).

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