iPhone 3Gs Update

I called my local AT&T store and explained the issue I was having with the battery life. The rep I spoke with said she really didn’t know anything about iPhones, but that I had 30 days in which to return mine. After chatting with someone else she suggested I call Apple and see if they could help me, because they couldn’t do much for me at the AT&T store. So I thanked her and dialed 1-800-My-iPhone. Continue reading “iPhone 3Gs Update”

Why I Love my iPhone 3Gs, and Why I'm Returning It

Last week I got an iPhone 3Gs. It took a little getting used to, but as time went on, I liked it more and more. I rarely had a chance to use it as a phone, but I used it regularly in my office on WiFi to get email and surf the web. Today was the first real test I had to use it on the road, on AT&T’s network. Today is also the day I decided to return my iPhone to the AT&T store where I got it. Continue reading “Why I Love my iPhone 3Gs, and Why I'm Returning It”

Why I Decided to Get an iPhone (or "I Am Funneling the Kool-Aid")

I did it. Yesterday, I walked into an AT&T store and plunked down the plastic for a 32G iPhone 3Gs. Once again, Steve’s Reality Distortion Field was in full effect, and my past hatred for Apple was but a distant memory as I happily test a unit at the store and accessed familiar websites with ease.
Given that I live in Vermont, other options simply are not options here. Sprint and the Palm Pre are non-players, as the coverage in this area is non-existent. Verizon Wireless is owned and operated by Satan (or monkeys… I am not sure which) and due to my past experience with them, I refuse to use VZ again. T-Mobile? Not an option. They won’t even sell me a phone here.
That leaves AT&T. I’ve been a Unicel customer for years, but since they got gobbled up by AT&T, that was the path of least resistance. Also, I’ll be able to keep my Nokia e71 as a backup phone which I can use when I go biking or hiking or whatnot, or in the even that the iPhone fails in one way or another.
So for the next two years, I’m an AT&T customer. God help me.