My (Unsuccessful) Attempts to Get an iPhone 3Gs

I tried to get an iPhone 3Gs as soon as it was announced on Monday. I called my friend who owns a cellular phone store, and is an AT&T reseller. In his words, “AT&T would rather you buy it from Wal-Mart than me, so call me back and I’ll tell you how you can get one.” Strike one.
So I decided to head to and get one there. After going through the forms and having my session time out three times (because they insisted my physical address was on North Main Street, instead of just Main Street), I finally got to the page that said “we’re sorry, but you have to pick up your iPhone at the nearest Apple store. Here’s a list.” The closest one is about 110 miles away… Strike 2.
So I decided to try AT&T’s web site. Their site, like, insists not only that my address is on North Main Street, but that my mailing address cannot contain a PO Box! Well guess what, AT&T, my only mailing address *IS* a PO box. We don’t get mail here on Main Street! Strike 3.
So I called AT&T customer service, and they said they cannot take any orders for a new iPhone until June 19. Strike 4.
I was on hold for 51 minutes before someone answered. And, as we completed the process… it was denied. My only option is to go to an AT&T store on the 19th. Strike 5.
Alternately, FAIL.

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