Gadget Review: Furminator

I just received my Furminator, which I bought from Amazon last week. I bought it because I have a cat, Mu, who has a nasty habit of puking all over the place. Normally, this seems to be triggered by my leaving her alone too long, but it recently occurred to me that she might just have excessive hair, and that could be a cause.
So, I opened the Furminator and went to work on my cat over my lunch break. After just a few minutes, I had enough excess fur to make a small kitten. 20 minutes later, I am convinced I could fashion a spare cat with all the extra fur. This thing glides through her coat like butter, and she loves it. It doesn’t snag or grab like other pet brushes I have, but manages to de-shed the little furball with ease.
I highly recommend the Furminator.
Now, let’s just hope she stops puking all over the office.

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