iPhone Battery Boosters & Kindle Price Drop

Readers of this blog already know about the issues I’ve been having with my iPhone 3Gs. The most annoying is, without a doubt, the short battery life. After the restore, and spending a full day in the field, I am experiencing what seems to be “normal” battery life of about 6-7 hours of use without a recharge. A friend gave me a few suggestions.
First, there’s the Backup Battery for iPhone / iPod. $50 and you get extra battery time and what looks to be a well-designed, form-fitting add-on for your iPhone. Of course, they don’t say how much extra battery life you get. But hey, it’s sold at Skymall, so it must be good, right?
If that one appeals to you, how about a battery with a built in flashlight? For only $5 more, you get a flashlight. Seems like a reasonable upsell to me.
Alternately, you can opt for a version that connects through the dock connector, as opposed to a snap-on model. This one includes a laser pointer. How cool is that?
And finally, there’s the iV from Fastmac.com. This one is a combination battery/flashlight, but it differs from the others in that the flashlight points in alignment with the camera, so you can use it for taking pictures in the dark.
In other news, the Amazon Kindle has dropped in price to a mere $299. Wow! That’s exactly what I paid for my iPhone 3Gs! (Sorry, I had to find some reason to correlate these trendy gadgets, other than the fact that they’re both trendy gadgets.) ?Speaking of Amazon, it looks like they have lots of other iPhone battery options. They don’t appear to be as slick as the ones shown above, but some are a lot cheaper. After looking at the best-selling, highest rated offering from Amazon (the Mophie Juice Pack Case and Rechargeable Battery for iPhone 3G, 3G S), I decided to test the Richard Solo model with cable and free case, mostly because of its appealing design. I’ll review it when I get it.

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