Medifast Progress: Down 33#

I am writing this from a friend’s house in sunny Tampa, Florida. Prior to leaving, I weighed in at almost exactly 175# – down 33 from where I started. That means I’m only about 10 pounds away from my goal of 165. Oh yeah.
I’m loving having more energy and fitting into my clothes better. Not too thrilled with having to buy another pair of jeans after just doing so, and never wearing them. Hopefully the store will let me return them without the receipt.
I have drifted off the plan twice since arriving. My friend refused to let me leave the Hard Rock Cafe until I drank a beer, which I did. I skipped a medifast meal that evening in hopes of compensating, but I’m not sure that was the right thing to do. Also, last night, he took me to an Outback Steakhouse. I switched into “4 and 2” mode to compensate for the chicken wings and pan-seared tuna appetizers I ordered. I’m sure the fat in the wings and the dressing went way overboard, but the good news is, by the time my appetizer arrived, I was too full to even touch it. So that will probably be lunch today or dinner on the flight home tomorrow.
Anyway, I am still very thankful I found Medifast and that I decided to start it. I highly recommend Medifast to anyone who wants to lose weight. It is still, by far, the easiest diet I’ve ever been on, took only a few days to adjust to, and hasn’t really felt like “dieting” for several weeks. The only time I feel like I’m on a diet is when the people around me ask “how can you eat that little?”
Oh… and when they try to twist my arm into drinking beer. That’s not helping, Ralph.

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