Medifast – 2 months, ~25 pounds

Medifast progress: 20080814
Medifast progress: 20080814

Two months ago, I started on the Medifast plan. I was 208# then, and I’ve been as low as 183.4# a couple of days ago. Weight fluctuates, so I’m up a bit today, but I’ve lost nearly 25 pounds in two months. It doesn’t sound quite as impressive as when I lost 18 pounds in the first month, but I knew that the rate would slow as I got nearer to my goal, so I’m not worried.
Today was the first time that people commented, unprompted, at how I was losing weight. The were folks whom I hadn’t seen in over a month, so they had the “old me” (read “fat me”) in mind and could really see the difference. Also, today I wore a pair of dress pants which I hadn’t worn in well over a year because I outgrew them – something which really bothered me at the time, because my wife picked them out with me after a time when I had gained weight. So basically, I couldn’t fit into my “fat pants.” That did not feel good, but wearing them today sure did.
Now I need to replace the four new pairs of jeans I bought back in May. Maybe I can take them in…

Medifast – Stumble!

Two days ago I was just a shade over 190#, down 18# from my starting weight of 208#. Yesterday and today, I weighed in at over 193#. I suspect that I know why. Two days in a row, I “winged it” with my lean portion (sliced turkey meat). I suspect I ate too much. Furthermore, two days ago I dug out some of my old favorite hot sauce, Iguana Gold.
To my dismay, I realized that the second ingredient on the list is cane sugar. Sugar is a big no-no on this diet.
So I’m back on track, and using some Tabasco (much less salt, no sugar, etc.) and paying closer attention to my intake again.