Transcript of My Chat With APC Technical Support

I have a client with an APC UPS which has a failing battery. Since it is under warranty, we contacted APC to arrange for a replacement. The conversation is enclosed for your entertainment.

Jay: Hi, how may I help you?
Peter: Hello! how can I determine of my APC UPS is under warranty? Model SUA1000. Serial# ASO639121549
Jay: Peter, Please hold a moment.
Jay: Peter, for the concerned unit I will transfer the Chat to the Next Level of Support. I appreciate your patience.
Transferred To Dev
Dev: Hello Peter
Peter: Hi
Dev: According to serial number, this unit is still under warranty.
Peter: Excellent.
Peter: The unit's red light (indicating battery failure?) is on constantly.
Dev: May I know the device connected to the UPS?
Peter: An HP Proliant ML150 server.
Dev: May I know how many battery charge LEDs are lit?
Peter: I cannot see the unit at this time. Can you stand by?
Dev: Sure, I will be on hold.
Peter: Just a moment.
Peter: Load (left side): 1 light. Charge (right): All 5 are lit.
Peter: Intermittently, the unit beeps as if it has lost power, but none of the other units in the office do this and the lights don't flicker.
Dev: I would suggest you to perform the Self-Test on the UPS to check the status of the battery.
Dev: Please follow the below procedure.
Dev: Press and hold the TEST button down till you hear two beeps. Once you hear the second beep, let go of the start button. Now the UPS will begin to operate on battery and the 'On Battery' LED will be illuminated for a few seconds. If the unit has passed the self-test, then it will switch back to normal power and the 'Online' LED will be illuminated.
Peter: Just a moment.

At this point, I really should have said something like “Should I power down the server first?” But I stupidly assumed that the APC technician would not lead me into a situation that would cause a problem. I was wrong.
Peter: It appears that the entire UPS shut down, taking our server down with it.
Dev: May I know the UPS switches to mode?
Peter: I'm sorry, I don't understand.
Dev: May I know is the UPS switches to battery mode when perform the self-test.
Peter: I am assuming that this is what happened. It clicked, then beeped, then the server, which was plugged into it lost power.
Dev: This indicates the battery gone bad.
Dev: I will arrange a replacement battery for you.
Peter: Wonderful.
Dev: Please provide me your shipping address as below:
Dev: 1. First name
2. Last name.
3. Company name
4. Street address [NOTE: Unit cannot be ship to PO-BOX]
5. City
6. State
7. Zip/Postal code
8. Email address
9. Contact number [Phone]
10. FAX number
11. Date of Purchase
Peter: Vermont
Peter: No fax number available
Peter: Date of purchase: July 28, 2007
Dev: Thank you for your information.
Dev: In order to provide you the replacement battery, I need to submit a service request into our system.
Peter: Okay.
Dev: The service request and APC returns details will be emailed within 24 hours.
Peter: Wonderful. Thank you.
Dev: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Peter: May I have the case number in case I do not get the email?
Dev: Once you end this chat session, you will receive an automated mail with login information . Please log to see the chat transcript. You can also note down the reference number. Also, when you log into chat again, just ask for me
Peter: Okay. Thank you!

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