Running Update 2022 – Stress Fracture, Hampton Half Marathon, Non-Minimalist Shoes, and an Ultra

I started PT a couple days later. The exercises I was given were fairly standard, and nothing targeted the foot specifically. After several sessions and a few weeks, I got back in to running – well, walk/running – again in late December. I closed out the year by running 1,100 miles for 2021, despite a two-month hiatus.

Coming back, I am now alternating between my minimalist/barefoot shoes and slightly more traditional shoes. At the moment, I have a pair of Merrell Vapor Glove 5s, On Cloud 5s, New Balance Summit Unknowns (on their way out), Altra Lone Peak 5s (with a second pair on order), two pairs of Merrell Trail Glove 5s, and a pair of Altra Escalantes should be arriving today. I am now rotating between them so that I never – or rarely – run in the same pair twice in a row so as to maintain a decent set of shoes for a longer period of time.

This past weekend, I ran the Hampton Half Marathon. I finished in 2:05:08. Not bad! If I could maintain that pace, that would put me at a 4:10 marathon, which would shave a bunch off my first. Can I do that? Probably not yet. But I am working on it.

I am also training for the Vermont 50! I will be running the 50k ultramarathon on and around Mount Ascutney this September. That means more trips to Vermont and New Hampshire for elevation training this summer. Can’t wait.

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