My First Marathon

I did it. Four hours and 38 minutes of nearly non-stop plodding along at an average 10:37/mile pace. My main goal was to finish in 4.5 hours. My secondary goal was to finish. I finished. 690 people finished the marathon. I was 575. So hey! I was in the top 83rd percentile!

The future victors
Peter and Greg, Pre Maration
Ready. Set. Go!
Ready. Set. Go!

My running buddy Greg (read “the only reason I decided to actually do this thing”) and I stuck together until around mile 18. During the first 15 miles or so, we had kept pretty much the same pace with a handful of other runners. I struck up conversations with a couple ladies who run together (one had run 4 marathons, the other 11), and the only other person I saw all day wearing minimalist shoes! (I was looking, closely, all day. I saw one guy – Dave – wearing Vibram Five Fingers).

I had started to pull ahead a bit, hoping to spur him on, but at mile 20 – aka “the wall” – I stopped for about a minute so he could catch up. We continued on together for about another mile when he invoked our previous agreement and told me to go on ahead.

He's Right Behind Me!
He’s Right Behind Me!

I reconsidered my decision several times along the way, but did indeed go on ahead. I ended up finishing only 8 minutes ahead, and was very glad to meet back up again at the finish line.

We did the verb. We became the noun.

I weighed myself when I got home and was just under 150# for the first time I can remember in my adult life. I promptly addressed this in a celebration party with friends.

After party!

I was tired and my quads were sore when I got home. Going down stairs was really tough for two days. My right arch ached pretty severely on Tuesday. I addressed this with contrast heat and cold therapy. My 5k recovery run Tuesday was fun, but work. My 2 mile run on Wednesday was… just work. As of Thursday, I am nursing a very swollen right foot, but it is not painful at all.

So ends the story of my first marathon. It won’t be my last.

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