Security Tip: Don?t Click on Links, and Don?t Send Them Either!

By now, many of this blog’s readers have already heard me tell them why it is bad to click on links in email. Without going in to detail, it is because links can very easily be forged in email, just like they can on a web site.
Here’s an example: Where do you think this link will take you? Go ahead and try, it’s safe (I promise).

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New Blog for Paradigm

This week I launched a new blog over at This is to be the “official” blog of my company. isn’t changing, and there will definitely be overlap between the two – I envision a lot of cross posts. But the other blog will have other contributors and will also be a tad lighter on the rants, heavier on the business.

Hundred Push Ups Progress: Week 3

After totally botching my exhaustion test (due, I think, to changes in the weather making my stiff and achy all over the place), I decide that my pathetic showing of 16 (pathetic, given that I’d been routinely doing more as part of week two’s sets) wasn’t quite good enough. So I proceeded in week three, column two. I was in column three for the first couple of weeks, but didn’t quite make the cut. So instead of stopping, I’m just scaling down a bit and will hopefully regain some momentum.