I've Been Active!

I have been very active in the local community lately. I am currently the Vice Chair of the Bethel Business Association, working with Kirk White to extend the reach of the BBA, combining its efforts with those of the Bethel Revitalization Initiative.

The Town Needs Voicemail

Here is a copy of a letter I wrote to the Town Manager today.
Delbert Cloud
Town Manager
Town of Bethel
134 South Main St.
Bethel, VT 05032
Dear Del:
I am writing to express mild frustration in the fact that, with one exception, every time I have called the town offices in the last three years, I have been greeted with a busy signal on my first attempt, and normally on subsequent attempts.
It would be a service to the community if your office had voicemail and multiple telephone lines so that we did not need to repeatedly call and get busy signals when we have questions or concerns that need to be addressed to your office.
Peter C. Nikolaidis
CC: Selectboard