S?bado no Mercado, Ent?o em Casa, Maring? Park, and a Party!

This morning, we went to the market to buy (a ton of) food for the weekend. See attached.

Apologies for some of the pictures being rotated wrong – I uploaded them before reviewing.
Wine time!

After lunch, and the obligatory nap, I struck out alone in search of adventure. I settled for coffee and conversation in a coffee shop. Upon returning, my host informed me that he was going out for a walk, so I repeated the process, this time around Maringa Park – what’s left of some rainforest that used to be here.
Party time!
Upon our return, Edna asked if I had a suit. I told her I did not, and asked why. I was informed that there is a birthday party for a 15 year-old girl this evening, (apparently quite the event in Brazil), and asked if I wanted to go. I got squeals of glee when I said yes, and “ooos” and “ahhs” when I donned Gilberto’s suit jacket, which fits me quite perfectly.

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