Day 5 – (Rained) Out and About

Today’s plan was to book the rest of my flights and spend the afternoon at the country club before attending a party this evening. (Yes, I know – life is so rough.) Unfortunately, almost nothing has gone according to plan, so far.However, I am recovering just fine. My VISA card was again declined, despite my notifying them of my travel plans here in Brazil. I should be nowhere near the limit, and if so, security FAIL on their part. Fortunately, I was able to make my travel plans and give my Amex card to the travel agent over the phone without much English, a translator, or Google. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for at least two of my flights to be booked. A friend recommended busses. That’s starting to sound more appealing, provided they have armed guards on board.
My plans to spend the afternoon at the country club were rained out, so I spent a little time working. After the storm passed, I went out in search of a bookstore to find a present for my host. On the way, I realized I was thinking and talking to myself in Portuguese. Excelente.
I found the bookstore, explained what I was looking for, but they did not have it in stock. As I was leaving, I decided to check out sunglasses shops, as my Ray Bans got crunched before I even got out of the country. The clerk at one of the shops informed me, after a brief introduction, that she speaks a little Spanish. She was mildly embarrassed when I informed her that “Muito bom, mas eu sou dos Estados Unidos” (“very good, but I am from the United States”).
So, leisure plans and credit card security FAIL, language practice WIN.

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