I've Hit a New low

Last week, I followed a friend’s example and started celebrating my birthday two days in advance, and really didn’t finish until, oh, about a week after. As a result, I had my highest caloric intake in a single day since I started the Medifast diet last June. See this graph for a visual.

Weight and Calories Graph
Weight and Calories Graph

Observe that I’ve only broken 3,000 calories in a single day twice. Once when I was at the SANS conference in December, and this past weekend, when I consumed far too much of my own Greek Olive and Onion bread (which, by the way, is getting rave reviews all around, even from my 4 year-old godson, who “is not fond of olives and onions”).
The kicker is that I weighed in at 163.8# this morning – an all-time low for me as an adult. I think I’ll go get some beer and pizza now.
I bet you thought this post was about the divorce, didn’t you? Psych!

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