Comodo's EasyVPN Landing Page is an Attack Site?

After listening to a recent episode of the Data Security Podcast, I was intrigued with Comodo’s free VPN product. I went to to see what it was about, and then clicked the link on their front page to “Learn More” about their EasyVPN product.
Firefox thinks Comodo is bad

Imagine my surprise when I saw this:
Firefox thinks Comodo is Bad
And this:
So does IE 8

Aha! A clue. “Advisory provided by Google Desktop.” I see. It turns out that Google apparently thinks Comodo’s EasyVPN landing page is bad. I wonder if this is related to Google’s outage a few weeks back, when every page returned in a search result was marked as malware. Clicking the “Why was this site blocked?” button in Firefox yielded a similar page with more detail.

Its really Google Desktop...
So, who do I trust? Is Comodo up to no good, or is Google just really Goofle again today?
UPDATE: Comodo send me a direct message via Twitter just now (the morning of 20090225), saying they’ve fixed the problem and that the warning will soon be removed. As of now, it’s still there.
UPDATE: Comodo has fixed the problem, as was reported on the Data Security Podcast this week.

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