Gaming at Work – Good for Stress?

According to this post, a huge chunk of us white-collar types are playing games at work. I find this number rather high, and somewhat hard to believe. One in four? The way I figure it, this means the entire IT industry (and I mean everyone) is playing games in the server room at lunchtime. I just don’t buy this number, unless you count Solitaire, in which case the number is pathetically low.
Either that, or we really gotta play more games at Paradigm. We used to do this on our lunch break, almost every day, but things tapered off over time. In the late 90’s, we played lots of RTS games like Age of Empires and Starcraft. A few years ago, it was GuildWars and World of Warcraft. Now that I employ a former guildie of mine, perhaps we should do this again. I’m sure our clients would love to hear the sounds of dying Fel Orcs and Shadow Council Warlocks when we answer the phone on our lunch break.

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