Bowflex SelectTech Customer Service – Kind of Lacking

Three weeks ago I ordered myself a set of Bowflex SelectTech dumbells. Because our house is relatively small and space is lacking, I liked the compact form factor that these things boast.
When I placed the order via their web site, I received a “print this page for your records” screen. This page contained my order info, except it contained no order number. The page also said that I would receive a copy of my order via email. That never happened.
Of course, when I called after two weeks to find out the status of my order, the first thing they asked for was my order number, which they wanted me to enter, followed by the # key. Not having one, I just pressed #. The automated response said “You entered an order number of… zero.” Not being able to process that, I got kicked over to a human, who informed me that I would receive an email when my order shipped.
A few days later, I received the stand for my dumbells and the bench. But no dumbells. I called them again today, three weeks after ordering, and they told me my dumbells should be here on the 6th. I should think if there was going to be such a delay that I would have had some form of contact from these folks, but I didn’t. Disappointing.

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