Don't let anyone tell you "nobody knows."

Yesterday, I deposited a check from a client into our corporate checking account. Today, while at the bank to make another deposit, I inquired with the teller as to whether that check had cleared. She was unsure, so she referred to one of her colleagues to ask if the check had cleared because the funds were in my account.The second teller proceeded to tell me that there was no way of knowing. I questioned this, because it didn’t make sense. She said that the bank that had issued the check had “a long time” to take the funds back if the check didn’t clear for some reason. I asked “how long is ‘a long time?’ Five years?”
The teller replied “nobody knows.”
That’s where I called bull$#!+. “Sorry,” I said, “but I take issue with that statement. Nobody can verify if that check is good?”
The teller said “they have a long time to take the money back.” I said “okay, but someone must know if the check is good after some time.” She insisted that nobody could tell me that. I asked “Nobody on the entire planet can verify if that check is good? Could someone at the issuing bank confirm this for me?” She said she didn’t know, then finally clarified and said “nobody at Citizens Bank can tell you if that check is valid.” I said “Okay, thank you, but nobody who works here is not the same as nobody.”
As you may have guessed by now, when people don’t know the answer to something, and make up a bull$#!+ excuse rather than telling you “I don’t know,” it really gets under my skin.