Current Thoughts on Pownce

I decided to just post this excerpt from a conversation I’m having with friends over on Pownce.
I’m actually more partial to Facebook and Twitter now, for a couple of reasons. Both of them support a mobile interface, and although this is really minor, I hate the fact that I cannot login via the Pownce homepage – I need to hit before my username and password ever work. Annoying. Facebook’s customization is also nice too. It seems to me that most of the social networking tools are trying to either kill Facebook, or to strike the right balance between Facebook and Twitter. That’s how Pownce feels to me now, only I’m not seeing the advantage of using it over Facebook, except that it’s nice enough to include messages in my email notifications.
Facebook has appeal to me for several reasons right now:

  • I can add lots of cool apps to it
  • I have more friends on Facebook than any other social network except LinkedIn, but those aren’t all “friends,” they’re “contacts.”
  • Facebook has a mobile interface. Pownce doesn’t.

Those are the big ones. I guess the place where my friends are is the biggest factor. What’s the use of a social network if there’s nobody in it?

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