Coffee Grounds in my Neti Pot

I brought coffee as a last-minute gift for my hosts. So far, it’s been well-received, although I do not yet know how they’ll like it. Not that I’m worried, mind you, as coffee is coffee, and our coffee at Breaking Grounds is pretty darn good, but still, there’s the whole cultural differences thing. Who knows how wrong things could go because their cups are metric and ours are English measure? Egad!
One thing I learned was this: Whole bean coffee, always. Some of the bags I brought were pre-ground. Those are the first I am gifting away, as some of the coffee has leaked out and into my luggage. Fortunately I kept all of my clothes in Lewis & Clark bags, so I don’t smell like coffee, even though my bag does. I also found small coffee bits in my neti pot. It’s a good thing I look in there before I use it, or I’d be smelling coffee for a while.
Note to self: You never know how contents may settle in transit.
I’m just glad I didn’t decide to try to bring Maple Syrup.
Today, I may explore the city and see if I can find a capoeira studio or aikido dojo.

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