Brazil: Day 2

This morning my hosts too me to breakfast at a local bakery. They served it buffet-style, with a huge assortment of baked goods, fruits, and scrambled eggs and bacon. I tried a few things that didn’t look familiar, but the small roll, I couldn’t tell if it was topped with coconut or cheese until I tasted it, had a savory filling (and was indeed topped with cheese). I also had a cappuccino, which, at least at this place, included chocolate syrup, cinnamon, and possibly some extra sugar or sugar in the whipped cream topping. Whatever it was, it was sweet. As of now I am officially on calorie watch.Airport security is a little less stringent than in the USA, but somehow, I am not feeling any less secure. The flight to Maringa took about one hour, and when we got off the plane, the weather was absolutely beautiful. The apartment that I’m staying in, as well as my private guest room, is, for lack of a better word, amazing.
We had a wonderful lunch and then took a sesta (afternoon nap). After that, I joined my hosts on a quick trip to drop family off at the airport, then visiting with more family, where I got to practice my Portuguese (mostly passively, by listening, but it’s still practice). Finally, we wrapped up the day with a view of the city of Maringa from the roof of the apartment building – the tallest building in the city of about 350,000. The view is pretty spectacular.

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