Book Review: Everyday Enlightenment

I recently read Everyday Enlightenment: The Twelve Gateways to Personal Growth by Dan Millman. In summary, if you think you need to read this book, you do, and if you don’t think you need to read this book, you still probably do.I first started to read this book in late 2008, shortly after I had separated from my ex-wife. Unfortunately, the opening chapter hit just a little too close to home for me to continue at that time, which is a shame, because the painful parts were over in just a few pages, and then the good stuff started to come out.
The book identifies the twelve gateways to everyday enlightenment, dedicating a chapter to each. The chapters sequentially give you tips and advice on how to discover your worth, reclaim your will, energize your body, manage your money, tame your mind, trust your intuition, accept your emotions, face your fears, illuminate your shadow, embrace your sexuality,? awaken your heart, and finally, to serve your world.
While some of the chapters resonate a little more than others, every one has great pieces of advice which I wished I’d highlighted on my first read through so I could incorporate them into daily reminders. The book is very well-written and eye-opening. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it covers nearly all aspects of life, and it highly inspirational.
I look forward to re-reading this book soon, and plan on making it a gift to several friends in the coming year.

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