Verizon: "You Want Serivce? Hahahaha! We're a Monopoly!"

So I called Verizon back today to inquire about the status of our Business DSL account. Here are the noteworthy excerpts:

  • They could not pull up our order status because “their system froze”
  • The showed no record of our (2+ hours long) phone calls yesterday

The customer service rep I had was quite eager to help. (They always are.) She insisted that my account was switched over to a static IP.
So I asked her, “could you give me the static IP address then?” Within a couple of minutes, I had it.
So I asked her, “if my account was active with a static, why did nobody volunteer this information to me yesterday so I could have gotten back online and maybe avoided 1-3 days of downtime?” Of course, she had no good answer to that.
UPDATE: Not surprisingly, the static IP they assigned isn’t working either. I guess the standard practice at VZ is to just drop all services when someone makes a change. It’s much simpler that way…

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