When Life Throws You a Curve Ball…

I apologize for having to speak in riddles and ambiguities, but hell, it’s more fun anyway.
So last night, the wave I’ve been riding (which is my term for just accepting the things life throws at me which can’t be changed anyway) dipped out from under me. Another way to put it is that I was thrown a curveball. My friend Kevin replied, when I posted that I was “trying to decide how to respond to the curveball life just threw me,” that I should “hit it out of the park.”
That’s the spirit! Ganbatte!
Honestly though, I think at the moment, I just got a base hit by bunting. Still, I didn’t let the ball hit me square in the chops and take the walk.
So the message remains true, regardless of my current circumstance. I remain accepting and open to whatever comes. I’ve tried stopping tidal waves in the past, and it never works out well. I end up all wet, and the wave keeps right on going. After 36 years, maybe it’s time I learned that lesson well.

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