Ubuntu Holiday Gift Ideas!

Just in time for the end-of-year holidays (Christmas being the one we celebrate in my family), I’ve decided to put together a list of Ubuntu-centric gift ideas! I’ll be updating this post over the next couple of weeks, but if you want to give the gift of Open Source this year, here are my suggestions. Note that these can make excellent gift ideas for your loved ones or yourself!
Here are some great books on Ubuntu. The ones for beginners are toward the beginning, with the meatier stuff coming in toward the end.
Beginning Ubuntu Linux
Ubuntu for Non-Geeks
The Official Ubuntu Book (2nd Edition) The Official Ubuntu Book (2nd Edition)
Ubuntu Hacks
Ubuntu Linux Bible
Ubuntu Unleashed, 3rd Edition
Beginning Ubuntu Server Administration: From Novice to Professional
A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux
System76 – System76 provides a full range of notebooks and desktops with Ubuntu preloaded. While I’ve never used one of their machines, the word on the “street” is that they’re great, and they’re big time Ubuntu supporters. Not just following the trends, like Dell, they have been shipping machines with Ubuntu preinstalled for a long time now.
Everex – Making a splash last month at Wal-Mart, the Everex machines with gOS installed sold out within a few days. gOS is an Ubuntu derivative geared toward novice users and web services.
OLPC While these machines don’t run Ubuntu, it is a noble cause, and runs Linux. Give one/Get one program extended ’til the end of the year. There’s still time.
Asus EEE PC Another non-Ubuntu machine, but still pretty darn cool, running Xandros linux, and super-cheap.
Dell – Dell may have been a little late to the party, but when the number 2 PC manufacturer in the world started shipping machines with Ubuntu, people noticed. I’d be more inclined to buy a System76 machine for several reasons, but if you’re a Dell fan at home or at work, now you can get your Ubuntu fix from them.
Nokia N810 No, this doesn’t run Ubuntu either, but still, this awesome little Linux-powered handheld is a must-have for every super-geek. No, it’s not an iPhone, it’s better. Nathan recently did a review of the N810 over at ProductiveLinux.com.
Western Digital My Book USB Drives Give the gift of backups. Just stop and think for a minute, “What would I do if I lost all of the documents, pictures, emails, and music files on my computer?” I love my USB hard drives, and have had good luck with Western Digitals (as opposed to Maxtor). Drop one of these puppies in place, format it with the ext3 filesystem, and tar up your whole system or use something like Mondo Rescue to do a full backup and sleep easily!

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