The Challenge: Two Hundred Situps!

Alright folks, “one hundred pushups sounds like fun,” you say? Well chew on this: Two hundred situps! At the suggestion of my Twitter pal, Michael Santarcangelo, I’ve decided to shoot not just for one hundred pushups, but also for two hundred situps as well! “Crazy,” you say? Perhaps, but why not! We’re talking just a few minutes a day, for a few weeks, and the results are certain to be noticable.
So, I started today with my initial test. I made it to 50 then collapsed down on the floor for a few seconds, before springing up to get the phone (thanks, client, I didn’t want to rest anyway).? Given my age, this rates me as “good.” Okay, I’ll take “good” over “pathetic milksop.” After all, it lets my skip right ahead to week 3!
Tomorrow is another pushup day, so I’ll get back to situps this Friday.
Care to join me? Comment on this blog, or send me a message via my Twitter page.

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