Spam Gem of the Day

While skimming the inbox of one of my unused (read “junk”) mail addresses, I came across this little gem.
Hello. You are the beautiful man. I want to tell about myself some. I am cheerful, kind, sincere girl. I am assured that we may find a lot in common. I am very like sport, the sea.Im love to cook. I think you will like my cake with strawberries. I want to communicate via e-mail. My e-mail: [email protected] love, Anna.
Of course, the name in the “From” field was “Alycia,” but maybe she changed her name by the time she got to the end of the message. Also, the sending address was from a .ru domain. Hm. A Russian woman thinks I am the beautiful man. Interesting way to cap off an overall good day. On a serious note, I’m wondering what the real intention of this email is. Scam? Social engineering?

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