SANSFire 2008 – Audit 507 – Day 3

Day three – Auditing Networks, done. Today we covered what it takes to audit a network, including those little things called modems. Remember them? You used to used them to do stuff like, send faxes, connect to your local BBS, or get dial-up Internet access! And, if you’re a poor, unfortunate soul who lives in Vermont, odds are pretty good that you still use one of those modems for dialup access. (Not that I would know anything about that.)
Total non sequitur: Trying to do anything on my laptop while installing XP Service Pack 3 on a virtual machine in the background is pretty much impossible. Oh look, the characters I’m typing are showing up again. How quaint.
We covered auditing network hardware, then a “putting it all together” section which walked through the start to finish “field work” portion of an audit. After that, we covered databases.
“Databases? Why are databases on the ‘auditing networks’ day?” Funny you should ask! I asked that too. In fact, so did the instructor. Anyway, to preserve some semblance of sanity, we covered databases last, including some DB topics such as what an RDBMS is, SQL statements, types of authentication, roles, views, links, etc. Most of this was review for me but at the end of the day, I was still pretty tired.
We will be diving into more fun DB-related topics like SQL injections and exploits, tomorrow. The instructor says tomorrow is the most fun day. I can’t wait! Come on! You know you love a good SQL injection, don’t you?
Now you’ll excuse me while I fire up my virtual machine hosting a MySQL server so that I can connect to it with the MyODBC driver, pull some stuff out, and analyze it.

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