People Don't Like Change (Examples Given)

People don’t like change, even when it is clearly, even painfully, obviously for the best.Examples:
The doctor tells the patient to quit smoking. The patient refuses. Patient subsequently contracts incurable disease.
The lawyer tells the client not to mess around with the girl/boyfriend until the divorce is settled. Client messes around anyway, and loses shirt to ex.
The accountant advises the client not to keep trying to write off those trips to Vegas as business expenses. Client persists, and has a lot of fun when audited by the IRS.
The client hires an information technology consultant to conduct an audit and situation appraisal of current information technology needs. Client expresses that they currently spend too much money on an IT system which is unstable (not to mention insecure, because many clients don’t think of such things). Consultant conducts said audit and appraisal, and makes numerous recommendations to follow best practices (of which client presently follows approximately zero) to address instability, insecurity, and expense. Upon review of consultant’s proposal, client decides there is “no need” to follow most changes proposed by consultant, and, several months later, complains to consultant that IT situation is unstable and costly (not to mention insecure, because most clients don’t care about such things). Consultant faces difficult decision of next business equipment purchase, (Glock or Mossberg,) and proceeds to discuss the situation with doctor, attorney, and accountant. After said consultations, consultant settles on an extended trip abroad as the best advice (but still buys and writes off the Mossberg AND Glock as business expenses).

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