"New Version of Windows in 2009?" or "My Bet With Jason"

Inspired by a recent article which follows up on prior speculation that the successor to Windows Vista may be released as early as 2009 (furthering its marketing and user perception as “Windows Me Professional”), I decided to wager the whopping sum of $5 that it will happen! Jason Watkins has taken the bet, so here are the terms:
Microsoft will release a new major desktop OS upgrade named something other than “Vista” by Dec 31, 2009. If this does not happen, I’ll pay Jason the sum of $5. If it does happen, he’ll pay me $5. By “release,” I mean an RTM of the OS will be in the hands of any major pc manufacturer, on store shelves, or available to the public for purchase – any or all of these happening by Dec. 31 ’09 constitute a win for me. I could try to sneak a beta in here, but I won’t, even though I feel that if MS has gotten to the point of releasing a beta of Windows 7, they’ll have given up on Vista by that time, and I’ll have won in spirit.
I’ll take my payment in the form of PayPal or an Amazon.com gift certificate. Jason, how would you like yours?

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