My ((Very) Brief) Chat With Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical, the parent company of Ubuntu, is in #ubuntu-classroom as I type this, taking questions from those present. Here’s what I asked, and the reply.
(11:34:43 AM) popey: 16:20:15 < nikolaidis> QUESTION: (when) Can we expect to see an option during setup to allow authentication against an Active Directory/LDAP server so an end-user can easily join an existing Microsoft business network?
(11:35:02 AM) sabdfl: i don’t know!
(11:35:16 AM) sabdfl: but the infrastructure for that, with Likewise, went in to 8.04
(11:35:29 AM) sabdfl: that sounds like something that should be discussed with the desktop team at UDS
So, if any of my readers are going to the Ubuntu Developer’s Summit, please be sure to ask this one of the desktop team, won’t you please?

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