More Love for Fair Point

Today I decided that, since we never use it, it was time to ditch our toll-free phone number. Why should I continue to pay $30/mo for something we never use? So I called Fair Point and after re-reading the account number twice was able to get the account canceled “on one end.” However, I was told I needed to call another number to finish up the cancelation.
First question: why do I have to call two numbers?
So I called the second number and, when it asked what number I was calling about I keyed it in. Of course, there was no record of the 800# in their system.
After being on hold for 16:55 minutes, and repeated “Thank you for holding. Someone will be right with you,” messages, I finally got through to someone. I was very careful not to give out my main phone number, for fear of them disconnecting that instead.
Conclusion: Fair Point is overworked/whelmed by the northern New England Verizon acquisition.

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