I Want My iPhone 4S (but I can't have it yet)

After years of waiting for AT&T to introduce service in Vermont (which they did by virtue of acquiring Unicel), I once again have to wait for my new iPhone, but not for the reason you’d expect.
This time, the reason is whatever universal address database that everyone and his brother uses, from Amazon to Sears, to UPS and FedEx, insists that I do not live at 245 Main Street, and that I live at 245 North Main Street. This is driving me batty. Because my town does not have mail delivery so close to the post office, I have a PO Box. The problem is that I cannot receive FedEx or UPS to a PO Box address, so I have to use my street address. The problem is that my street address cannot be used for postal mail. Every now and then I’ll order something, not knowing which shipping method will be used, so I have to play a game of Russian Roulette, and try either the PO box or the street address. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I get to put BOTH my street address and my PO box into the address field of whatever form I’m filling out to place my order, and the order goes through.
This is not one of those times.
Apple won’t ship to a PO box. Since Apple uses AT&T’s address on file for me, and it’s the one they use to send me my bills and statements via US mail, it’s somewhat important that I keep a working US Mail address on file with AT&T. So I figured, just temporarily, I’ll change my AT&T address from my PO box to my street address. After all, I get my monthly statements via email anyway.
Again, fail. AT&T insists that I live at 245 N Main St, not 245 Main St. So I could accept this incorrect address, and take a chance, but the likely outcome is that someone who lives several blocks north of me will end up with my shiny new iPhone 4S.
I guess I’ll just drive a few hours to Cambridge, MA and pick up my phone there after camping out overnight with the rest of the drooling fans.

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