Hundred Pushups Redux, Now With Squats!

Yeah, I’m back on the hundred pushups challenge, again. I’m also doing the two hundred squats challenge on alternating days! I’m in the middle of week 4 (since I was easily able to bang out 50 squats on the first week) of each.
Now, to make it through three Thanksgiving dinners (ah, the joys of large family and being popular) without totally mucking up my progress on making physical self-improvements. I briefly was back up as high as 174# a week ago, but I’m dropping back into my comfort zone below 170#. With an “ideal weight” for a man my height and age ranging anywhere from 125-169#, depending on who you ask and what method you use, I’m toward the high end, but I am adding some muscle mass and I feel great, have lots of energy, and am told I look great, so, I’m cool here.

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