Heatbox and That 1 Guy Rock Higher Ground

Last night I saw That 1 Guy at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT. Regulars of my blog may recall I saw That 1 Guy last year in the same venue. As with last time, he provided a great amount of entertainment. His stage presence (along with the Magic Pipe) is great, and he interacts wonderfully with the audience, this time including antics such as passing out giant mustaches while directing laser beams out across the crowd (hence, the tour name “Mustaches and Laser Beams”).
However, I have to say I was even more impressed with his opening act, who goes by the handle “Heatbox.” Heatbox is from Minneapolis, and, as his name implies, is a beatbox. However, he’s not just a rapper who makes funky sounds. I describe his music is a blend of funk, RnB, a’capella and techno – and it’s all done by him and a mixer. – no instruments. By layering his beats with the mixer, Heatbox manages to deliver a full sound which makes you think you’re listening to a four or five-man band. Listen to some of his stuff, then remember that this is all one guy with no instruments. Fascinating and brilliant.
What really appealed to me is his attitude. Heatbox comes across as a nice guy, and is a self-proclaimed nerd. (He even wrote a video game, Ninja Strike, which he included on his latest CD, System.) I have to agree. Anyone who writes his own video game, does songs about pizza and Tetris, admits his “best” song is also “his dumbest,” and ends his last song with the line, “Autobots, move out!” is a brother to me.
Show Heatbox some love and download some of his tunes from iTunes, or buy a CD.

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